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Christmas Jumper Swap

Did you know that around 12 million Christmas jumpers are bought each year despite there being around 65 million languishing in the back of our wardrobes!

This Christmas the LCPA wants to give those discarded jumpers another chance to join in the festivities. So we’re doing the Christmas Jumper Swap. Don’t worry it’s not a new Tik-Tok dance that will damage your credibility but, as it sounds, a chance to swap your Christmas jumpers.

We will be collecting Christmas jumpers on the 18th November, so have a good old rummage and let us have any that you no longer need by dropping them off in the drama room.

Children will then be invited, throughout the school day breaks, on the 25th November to come and choose a new jumper in exchange for £2. 

All proceeds go towards to the LCPA fundraising targets. 

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